Optimize Your Network with Server Virtualization


If you think of your network as the circulatory system of your organization, your servers are among its vital organs. Of course you want to use them productively and make sure they're functioning optimally.

Having a dedicated server for each of your applications may be a good way to guarantee efficiency and peak performance, but doing so can result in severely underutilized IT infrastructure and increased associated costs.

Server virtualization technology changes that paradigm by:Wouldn't you like to virtualize all this?

- Eliminating uncontrolled (and costly) server sprawl

- Employing existing server resources more efficiently

- Improving server availability, and 

- Centralizing server administration.

JDL TechWatch enables your organization to fully leverage the advantages of server virtualization, including:

  • Reducing overall IT infrastructure cost

  • Increasing efficiency and performance

  • Lowering maintenance costs

  • Accelerating server deployment

  • Supporting rapid disaster recovery.

You can also take advantage of our virtualization lab to test how our server virtualization solutions will enhance your business, or we can provide an integrated proof of concept in your environment, addressing your specific needs.

Our solutions aren't limited to server virtualization, however.  We also offer desktop virtualization, application virtualization and storage virtualization to further reduce your total cost of ownership. 

If you're considering virtualizing parts of your infrastructure, want to better understand the process, or would like a demonstration, contact our IT experts at JDL TechWatch.

Email us at info@jdltech.com or call us toll-free at 888.493.7833.