Citrix XenDesktop & Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


In the 21st Century, work is no longer a place - it's something we do anywhere inspiration strikes. As a market leader in virtualization and mobility management solutions, Citrix creates new ways to work better.  

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 

Citrix VDI lets you run a user desktop inside a virtual machine that lives on a server in the datacenter (yours or ours), enabling fully personalized desktops for each user with all the security and simplicity of centralized management. The risk of data loss or intrusion is reduced, access remains secure and intellectual property and private information stay safe. 

While VDI streamlines management and costs by consolidating desktops, it also delivers end-user mobility and freedom to access virtual desktops anytime, from anywhere, on any device. Citrix XenDesktop is the leader in desktop virtualization


For the enterprise grappling with how to securely deliver content to mobile employees, Citrix XenDesktop creates a mobile workspace that increases productivity, enhances security, simplifies workflows and reduces costs. Mobile workspace is a portable, always on, always connected working environment that follows employees no matter where they go, on any device, over any network.

XenDesktop is the market-leading desktop virtualization solution, enabling you to instantly mobilize five generations worth of Windows apps, making them available on any device, anywhere. In tandem with XenDesktop, Citrix Receiver provides an easy-to-use interface that allows employees to easily and securely access their apps, desktops and data from any device. 

Citrix Solutions from an Expert Citrix Partner

JDL TechWatch is a Citrix Solutions Service Provider, and our engineers maintain current credentials as Citrix Certified Associates, Administrators and Enterprise Administrators for applications, desktops and servers. Organizations who leverage our Citrix expertise enjoy desktop virtualization and mobile workspace experiences that are seamless and efficient, and deliver all the benefits of world-class desktop virtualization.   

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