Computer application software is designed to help users perform specific tasks. Few organizations can conduct business without using a wide range of applications for accounting, tax, reporting, communications, documentation, sales, media use and various other activities.  Imagine your work day without Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, to name some obvious software apps.

Software applications can be virtualized, along with desltops and serversApplications are vitally important, and users demand access to them across all of our systems and devices.

Application virtualization liberates applications from the underlying operating system, which enables enormous benefits in terms of flexibility, manageability, compatibility, security and portability.  

Benefits of virtualized applications:

  • Allows apps to run in environments that don't normally support them

  • Allows incompatible apps to be run simultaneously

  • Enables virtualized applications to be deployed quickly

  • Enhances security and support for BYOD

  • Enables apps to be copied to portable media and then downloaded to computers without requiring installation.  

The advantages are plentiful, and application virtualization services from JDL TechWatch provide all these benefits and more.

For clients with highly complex needs, JDL TechWatch can create hybrid solutions that may leverage our other virtualization capabilities, such as desktop virtualization, server virtualizationstorage virtualization, or any combination of these services.

Our IT experts have designed countless application virtualization solutions for our clients, from the complex to the simple, and we can do the same for you.  

Which application will you begin with?