Effective IT asset management is essential to controlling technology costs and project creep. In fact, IDC estimates that organizations who practice IT asset management have 15 percent lower total operating costs, on average, than those who don't -- with the greatest savings in procurement (160%), disposal (60%), and operations (44%).

Inventory and management of your IT assets is part of our Managed Services program

The experts at JDL can deliver remote hardware and software asset management services throughout the entire asset lifecycle, from acquisition through disposal. 

Our IT asset management ensures all policies, standards, processes, systems and metrics remain up-to-date and useful to your organization.

IT asset management services deliver these advantages and more:

  • Increased productivity among your IT staff

  • Reduced risk of regulatory fines through effective compliance with requirements

  • Minimized risk from security breaches, litigation 

  • Reduced unauthorized copying of licensed software

  • Improved inventory management

  • Established procedure outlines for purchasing software

Our IT asset management services work across all departments, in any size business, to keep you in control of your IT systems. By managing, monitoring, updating and automating, our program enables your IT to do more, your IT budget to go further, and your IT projects to come in on time and on target.

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