SAN Storage Improves Intracompany Communications


Organizations with multiple locations know that the flow of information can be cumbersome and sluggish from one location to another. Despite that fact, maintaining open communication among locations is vital to operating the business.  

The solution architects at JDL TechWatch can customize a storage area network (SAN) that is right for you, and that will protect your vital data while improving your ability to share it among locations. 

Our SAN management services can enable your business by:

  • Establishing a fast connection for sharing data among networked devices

  • Consolidating company data storage in one place

  • Creating an expandable network that can grow with your business.

For an integrated approach to data storage, we can also provide onsite and virtualized blade servers, network attached servers (NAS) and a variety of other managed services

Data storage solutions from JDL TechWatch enable your IT to do more, your IT budget to go further, and your IT projects to come in on time and on target.

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