NAS Data Storage Systems


Reliable data storage and backup is essential for any organization. One of the most powerful tools for data storage is network attached storage (NAS).  

A NAS device connects to your network in order to provide ready file access to the networked systems.

Generally, NAS storage incorporates on-board hardware, in addition to the hard drives, in order to control the file storage and distribution.  A NAS solution may even have its own operating system.  

There are many NAS solutions to choose from, and JDL TechWatch can help you navigate through the options to choose to right data storage solution for you.

Network attached storage services from JDL TechWatch can provide:

  • Simplified and cost-effective NAS deployment

  • Convenient sharing of files among multiple computers

  • Ability to incorporate both a storage system and a file system.

In addition to NAS network storage, we can offer your organization data storage solutions such as a storage area network (SAN) and blade server storage.

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