Infrastructure as a Service


Infrastructure is the foundation of IT, even in a virtual world, because somewhere there is hardware behind the cloud and equipment enabling every type of hosted service. JDL Infrastructure as a Service meets a variety of business needs

For organizations who want to be free of aging infrastructure and replacement costs, ongoing maintenance costs, or scalability restrictions, Infrastructure as a Service is the solution of choice.

Benefits of JDL TechWatch IaaS Solution

  • Protection of mission-critical infrastructure including servers, switches, and storage devices

  • Uninterrupted service availability, increased technology capabilities, and improved operational efficiencies

  • Redundant virtual compute and enterprise storage platforms

  • Multiple geographically diverse SOC2- and PCI-compliant datacenters located across the country

  • Dedicated 10G multinational backbone connection

  • Redundant failover locations a thousand miles away.

Proven Performance

Our primary South Florida colocation provider has a solid reputation and track record that includes:

  • 12 years of zero facility down-time

  • Zero-millisecond customer-facing downtime since 2009

  • Global 36-POP network enabling transport, IP transit, Metro and long-haul WANs as well as route and traffic control

  • 24/7/365 support.

Speed, Redundancy and Security

These colocation facilities have multiple subterranean, geographically diverse fiber entry points with four 4" conduits, 12 inner ducts and multiple name-brand fiber carriers. The Internet uplink is a blend of over 700 direct network peers and multiple tier-1 carriers, managed and routed through the backbone for maximum speed and redundancy. 

And for maximum security and protection, datacenters are equipped with mantraps and biometrics, card key access, alarm and key monitoring, and CCTV and DVR surveillance.

We trust our own data to these datacenters and we are pleased to offer our clients the same benefits and peace of mind. 

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