Data Storage Solutions Protect and Backup Your Data


Between the information explosion ignited by the Internet, and increasing regulations for data retention,Are you backing up your data regularly? Is it secure? it's never been more important to:

  • know where your data resides,

  • store your data properly, and

  • back up your data routinely.

Now more than ever, organizations require cost-effective network storage solutions that can easily scale as their data expands, and provide robust security as well.

Leveraging our partnerships with the leaders in virtual data storage, JDL TechWatch offers a smart set of solutions that enable any organization to protect and backup their data.  

Our solutions will simplify your data management by:

  • Consolidating information into one shared storage pool

  • Saving money and time on data storage environments.

High-performance online data storage options from JDL TechWatch provide ample capacity today, and are easily scalable as your data storage needs change.

From basic local storage to dedicated SAN storageNAS storage and blade servers, we have a network storage solution that is right for you today, and tomorrow.  

Contact us for more information about our data storage services or any of our converged infrastructure services.