Converged Infrastructure Reduces Cost and Risk


As your business expands, IT resources often become scattered, underutilized, or even overwhelmed from the IT sprawl and increased demand from users, customers and other stakeholders. A converged infrastructure delivers many benefits to your organization

Converged Infrastructure provides your business with a blueprint or roadmap for the datacenter of the future.

Another benefit of this integration is increased speed and efficiency of your IT services and applications.

Experienced in Network Integration

JDL’s certified engineers have 475 years of experience in assessing needs, identifying solutions, and integrating a wide range of resources into a single, optimized computing solution that meets your unique needs today, and tomorrow.  Those resources may include blade servers, data storage devices, networking equipment software, SAN and NAS storage, data security systems and more. 

Working with our expert engineers and solution architects on a converged infrastructure will deliver these benefits:

  • Reduce costs by combining your data and storage network infrastructures

  • Accelerate ROI and sustainability

  • Mitigate the risks associated with complex infrastructure upgrades

  • Enhance security and disaster recovery

  • Drive business growth by speeding up IT innovation and responsiveness. 

JDL partners with a variety of industry leaders to effectively leverage their converged infrastructure technologies to benefit your business, whether you are a mid-size organization, smaller business, or enterprise-class organization.

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