Cloud backup and data recovery can mean the difference between staying in business, or notJDL TechWatch can help you avoid downtime, which costs the average mid-size organization $159,000 annually, by protecting and ensuring access to your information and systems through a revolutionary cloud platform powered by industry leader Axcient.  

This unrivaled cloud solution virtually eliminates downtime during any network failure or disaster, enabling you to focus on business priorities and opportunities—not on IT risks. 

Unparalled Reliability and Convenience

  • Cloud Virtualization – Virtualize your entire IT infrastructure in the secure Axcient Cloud to access your data and systems from anywhere, at any time, during any emergency.

  • Image Capture – Customize your own retention periods for automatic incremental snapshots of your servers, desktops or laptops. (Hit ‘reverse’ any time to restore your system as it was.)

  • Bare Metal Restore and Heterogeneous Platform Support – When a system fails, you can restore your environment to another environment of your choice, whether physical or virtual.

  • Reverse Incremental Technology – Your most recent backup files are stored atop older ones, meaning that your newest data is always easiest to access.

  • Application Awareness – A wide range of applications is supported, so that no matter where your data comes from, your backups are in a consistent state when a snapshot is taken.

  • De-duplication – Only the latest file versions are stored, and duplicate copies are replaced with links to the original file, to optimize your storage space.

ALL IN ONE:  Backup, Continuity, Recovery

This revolutionary business continuity platform offers unrivaled uptime, and works three ways to protect your data, applications and systems. 

Data Backup Services: Your data is stored locally on an onsite appliance for fast backup and restore—and is also securely replicated offsite.

  • No software agents to install or manage

  • Backup and restore for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X machines concurrently

  • Microsoft application-aware backups (Exchange, SQL, Active Directory and SharePoint)

  • Image backup and bare metal restore (BMR) of laptops, desktops and servers including virtual servers (VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer)

  • Reverse incremental technology enables fastest possible restores

  • Anti-corruption technology ensures health of backups

  • End-user or administrator-driven data recovery

  • Customizable scheduling and retention policies for compliance and archiving.

Business Continuity Services: In the event of an outage, you can get your servers and applications running immediately—with a single click—until new hardware is ready. You can also configure the frequency of disk image protection, create complete server or desktop images to restore to different hardware, and test failover capabilities without affecting your production environment. And, when it's all over, you can restore back to the replacement server at your convenience.

Disaster Recovery Services:  Your data is protected in the event of fire, theft, sabotage, hardware failure or natural disaster in our secure, offsite cloud datacenter.

  • Data and machine images are sent offsite automatically

  • No more recording, shipping or storing tapes

  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest in our SSAE-16 datacenter

  • In the event of a site failure, a new, fully replicated appliance is sent overnight.

Freedom From Risk

Talk to the experts at JDL TechWatch to learn how cloud-based business continuity can enable your IT to do more and your IT budget to go further.

With 475 years of technical experience and over 135 professional certifications, the JDL team has designed, deployed and managed countless solutions for clients who demand the best in business continuity and disaster recovery.  We can do the same for you. 

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