Don't let an unexpected setback ruin your business


Business interruptions come in all forms -- from hardware failures, system outages and incomplete backups, to negligent and malicious employees, to electrical fires and broken pipes. 

Do you know how quickly you could recover? Do you have a business continuity plan in place?Could an unexpected setback ruin your business?

JDL TechWatch provides business continuity assessments that: 

  • Identify gaps in your business continuity plan

  • Prioritize them based on severity and risk level

  • Rate your preparedness for a significant or extended business interruption

  • Suggest actions to address vulnerabilities

  • Help improve your business continuity posture and reduce your risk.

All good plans begin with information, and a business continuity assessment from JDL TechWatch makes it seriously easy to begin to prepare your business for the unexpected -- in all its forms.

Expect the unexpected.

Then prepare for it.



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