The Cornerstone of Business Continuity is Relentless Data Backup

Common backup ‘bad practices’ seriously jeopardize even the most thoughtfully designed business continuity program, including the three described below.  JDL offers backup and recovery in the cloud, to ensure your data is always available to you.

Failing to Test the BackupsCould your business survive an unexpected set-back?

If you never actually try to restore a file, app or server, you’ll never really know if the data you need will be there when you need it. It’s very common to neglect, short-cut or dilute testing to save time. In fact, 34 percent of companies don’t test their backups, and of those who do, 77 percent find failures, according to recent statistics. Even if you use an automated program that does almost everything for you—testing is still the last mile. 

Slacking Off the Backups

Much like software patching, backing up your data is one of those tasks you know is crucial and yet often seems to be overridden by more urgent demands: an executive whose laptop is down, an Internet connection suddenly broken, or any of a dozen other emergencies du jour. 

Not performing regular backups is one of the most common mistakes we see - and yet it is the cornerstone of any business continuity program or disaster recovery program.

Not Monitoring Logs

Backups can be a time-consuming, boring process which may involve staring at a computer screen while enjoying the soothing sound of continuous whirring.  The tendency is to turn away from those logs to work on something more interesting - and that’s where disaster lurks. 

What Can You Do?

Let JDL TechWatch do the heavy lifting for you. Our experienced team of certified engineers and solutions architects specializes in designing and deploying business continuity solutions that enable you to rely on your data actually being there when you need it most.

As an added value, the JDL TechWatch Managed IT Services team can perform backups, software patching, equipment support, user help desk services and many other services on your behalf—as we do for a wide range of commercial and industrial clients.

If you can't get to it, let JDL do it.

Click here to learn how you can avoid the high cost of downtime associated with data recovery.  And read the 10 Tips below for some solid IT guidance for your business.

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