Manage your networked devices from a single console with LANDesk, offered by JDL TechWatchEnabling Remote IT Resource Management to the Desktop and Printer

JDL Technologies is a certified LANDesk integrator and has installed one of the largest enterprise deployments of LANDesk desktop IT management tools in the world. With nearly 100,000 computers, 40,000 of which are wireless laptops, JDL has created a remotely managed environment capable of full control of virus versions and patches, OS upgrades, troubleshooting and more.

Desktop and IT Managers who are responsible for the security, manageability and integrity of their companies' desktops and software applications must apply remote management tools in order to survive the intense demand for desktop performance. 

Pain Points for IT and Desktop Administrators

  • Increasingly complex environments demand the ability to handle distributed environments, multiple administrators and more mobile users.

  • Enforcing compliance, keeping endpoints secure.

  • Managing inventory and maintaining software licensing compliance.

  • Secure remote control.

  • Discovering and enforcing security configuration settings and security policy.

Benefits of LANDesk

  • Increase efficiency, save time and reduce costs and demands on resources with a complete hardware and software solution for managing the desktops, notebooks, servers and mobile devices in your complex IT environment - all from a single console.

  • Secure and easily support users in any networked environment - including those outside your corporate firewall, and without the need for a VPN or leased line.

  • Gather detailed asset data and deploy applications and operating systems with patented ultra-efficient technologies.

  • Keep up with patches and updates, maintain configuration standards, monitor software usage, easily solve user problems, and develop system-wide security policies and more.

  • Save money on leased computers in a desktop refresh program (from GE Capital, Dell or Lenovo, for example), which can be staged back exactly as they were received and turned in for full credit with no penalties or fees.

LANDesk Management Suite helps businesses control chaos and simplify job tasks. LANDesk tools—single console, single database, role-based administration, one agent on the desktop - enable IT to find problems proactively and reduce fire drills. Systems engineers can view what’s happening and proactively tackle the tasks that are vital to a high-performance environment.