3CX Gold Partner


JDL is a 3CX Gold Partner.  We deal in such high volumes of this revolutionary VoIP telephone solution that we are able to pass deep discounts to our clients.  This makes 3CX a win-win for virtually every business across every industry.

Loaded with Features You Don’t Pay For

Not only does 3CX provide great phone service, with instant failover to prevent downtime (any PC can act as a server), 3CX also provides paging systems, video and web conferencing, even door access to meet ADA requirements. It also integrates with paging systems in car dealerships, warehouses and manufacturing plants. If you can think of a feature you need, 3CX probably offers it.  

We offer 3CX as a robust on-premise solution, or in the cloud.  

We hold several 3CX engineering certificates, and have more than 20 collective years of VoIP experience.JDL is a 3CX Gold Partner

3CX Clients

Just because you may not be familiar with 3CX doesn’t mean it’s obscure.  Georgia Tech and MIT use 3CX. American Express, Pepsi and Harley-Davidson use 3CX.  You should be using 3CX!

A Better System for Less

3CX is a better system for 25% less than Mitel or ShoreTel.  It’s the Cadillac of VoIP offered to you at a KIA price.  If you’re a small or mid-sized business, look no further.  

If you're a large enterprise, the KIA price may be a Chevy price. Call for a quote--and don't buy another system until you talk to us!

To order your system today, contact us here or call us at 888.493.7833.