Some Compelling Numbers for Managed IT Services
Post July 28, 2014 General The JDL Techs

FOCUS magazine recently gathered some excellent data from various InformationWeek articles and other sources, and we wanted to share some of it here in case you missed it.

The story is much the same as it has been for several years. Outsourcing of various components of IT continues to be driven by the increasing burdens placed on the IT staff as businesses, healthcare practices and school districts struggle to implement new information technologies in order to increase productivity and reduce cost.  It’s tough to monitor your network effectively, review your logs, and install your software updates when your top priority is strategic IT.

Consider this:

  • 46% of organizations have cut their IT expenses by 25% or more after adopting a Managed IT Services strategy.

  • 48% of organizations have used Managed Services for some or all of their IT needs for two to five years (up 51% from 2011).

  • 56% of IT leaders are using Managed IT Services to reduce costs and/or overhead.

Those numbers are pretty compelling.  FOCUS presented an infographic that visually depicts many of the latest statistics.  Here’s one.  Watch this space for more soon.  And if you haven’t already, take a look at what Managed IT Services can do for your organization.  You’ll be surprised!

infographic chart


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