Client Testimonials


JDL clients are busy running successful organizations, but every now and then one takes a moment to recognize the exceptional abilities of the JDL team. We're happy to present a few of them here.

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All Lines Insurance AssociatesAll Lines Insurance Associates

“Not all managed service providers are created equal, and we hated to lose the firm we had been using in 2014.

However, I’m happy to say that JDL Technologies has proven itself a capable and responsive MSP. They’re also experts in network infrastructure and procurement.”   

Brandon Weiss, IT Specialist

ARCA Capital Investments

“Before ARCA Capital Investments decided to become a JDL TechWatch Managed IT Services client, we thought it was prudent to develop a baseline, and asked them to conduct a Network Security Assessment in September 2013. JDL prioritized their findings and reviewed them with us item by item, offering remediation recommendations for each finding.  We were impressed with the comprehensiveness and professionalism of the report and process.ARCA counts on JDL Managed Services

That led us to sign an agreement to have JDL manage our IT services, and the 30-day onboarding process began in mid-October. About halfway through, the JDL TechWatch Supervisor updated us on the progress of this transition, and his report was equally comprehensive and professional. 

I am extremely pleased with the work, professionalism and exceptional service received from JDL—and, more importantly, from all of the employees of JDL. The choice to switch to JDL Technologies has proven to be the best IT decision for ARCA!”

Indra Campbell, President and CEO

Zumba Fitness 

Zumba Fitness is headquartered in Miami and relies on JDL Managed Services"Zumba Fitness LLC was founded in 2001 as a global lifestyle brand fusing fitness, entertainment and culture into a unique dance-fitness experience. Today Zumba has a presence in 140,000 locations in 185 countries, reaching more than 14 million people worldwide.

Three years ago Zumba engaged JDL Technologies to manage our IT infrastructure as part of the JDL TechWatch managed IT program. This has freed up our in-house staff to be highly efficient and responsive to the business needs of the corporation.  As an expert, experienced technology partner, JDL Technologies enables us to optimize our IT infrastructure and capabilities without having to add in-house resources.

I would recommend JDL TechWatch managed IT services to anyone looking for the same benefits."

Jonatas Neiva, Sr. Systems Administrator