Business IT Solutions

We do technology, so you can do business

Are you tired of dealing with the daily technology grind at the expense of managing your business?  Looking for an expert to do the heavy lifting for you?  You've come to the right place. 

By helping you manage the technology in your law firm, accounting practice, investment firm, manufacturing plant, logistics company or other business, we free you to return your focus to the mission-critical activities that drive your business success. To put your attention where it should be. Not on IT. 

JDL Has Earned the Managed Services Trustmark from CompTIA

Our Managed Services team can manage elements of your IT program that you may not have time to handle effectively, including serving as your virtual CIO. 

With 300 years of technical experience, over 100 professional certifications, and a history of IT innovation, you can trust your networks and the rest of your technology landscape to our experts. We can also meet your needs for virtualization, cloud and datacenter services, and infrastructure sales.JDL is ranked among the 2017 Managed Security 100 

Our award-winning Managed Services Operations Center supports a variety of clients across a range of regulated and non-regulated industries. And although most of our clients are in South Florida where we grew up, we also serve the Southeast and parts of the Midwest as well.

Concerned about Security? 

We are, too.  JDL was recently named to the 2017 Managed Security 100, a prestigious new segment of the CRN MSP500 list. Our signature service won an award for Innovation in Cloud Security at the 2017 Information Security Awards. Security FastTrack is designed to meet the most stringent regulations in the security industry without slowing you down, enabling you to access your networks, applications and data securely and conveniently from any device, anytime, anywhere.  

Contact us today for a demo of this amazing service -- it's never too late to get on track! 

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